One day while talking to some people they asked me what is a typical day like while working on the farm and how much exercise is it? Never really thought about how much exercise there was involved so I decided to check my steps and see if I could relate farm work to the number of steps taken. The goal was to measure the steps and give an approximation of my activities taken for reference.

  1. Morning run (light day)
  2. Check the chickens and open the barn so they can free range
  3. Check cows and goats
  4. Morning feeding for the ducks, guineas, bucks, the bull and roosters
  5. Check and feed the goat kids
  6. Morning milking
  7. Tractor work
  8. Plant Sweet potatoes
  9. Plant tomatoes
  10. Light carpentry on new barn
  11. Troubleshoot and repair the electric fence
  12. Collect eggs (duck and chicken)
  13. Install tomato cages around my new tomato plants
  14. Cut the grass around the grape vines
  15. Feed and water the chickens
  16. Evening feeding of the goat kids
  17. Evening feeding for the ducks, guineas, goat bucks, the bull and roosters
  18. Evening milking
  19. Final walk through of the main barns
  20. Close up the free range ducks and chickens for the night
  21. Dinner (Finally!!!)

These are just the high points there are really too many things to list or even remember. As the seasons change the activities will change but as of May 2018 this is pretty much a typical day. So the question is how many steps??

The day started at 3:03 AM and ended at about 9:00 PM

Total steps: 22,480

Seems like a pretty good workout to me

Until next time, see you down at the barn

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