The fresh air, the animals & the hard work all appealed to me. I have no idea why.

I wanted chickens when I was 7. Nope my mom was deathly scared of birds of all kinds thanks to a rooster on her grandparents farm.

I went with my grandpa to visit some of his family on their farm and wanted to stay with them for a week, nope. They didn’t really want some little girl around underfoot.

The test I took in Jr High said I should either be a teacher or farmer.  (By the way I grew up in the city.)

After I graduated High School I attended a small Technical College and most of my classes were in the Agriculture Building. THAT is where I met my future.


My future husband with the same passion to live on a farm.

We dreamed of a quiet place away from everything and everyone. Our own little slice of heaven.


We were able to purchase a small home and an acre of land in Tennessee in 1987. And so it began………………..

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